DFX Coach DFX CrossFit

Abbey Defeo

My Credentials/Certifications:

  • CFL1, Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer

About Me:
Hi!  I’ve been coaching CrossFit for 5 years and started my CrossFit journey after experiencing chronic hip, back, and shoulder pain. After a long journey of learning my own body through movement, I started working with hundreds of people online to help others live free of pain! With the belief that movement is medicine, I still incorporate what I learned and continue to learn about movement through my coaching. I’m a huge advocate of rib cage rotation, moving joints through full ranges of motion and breathing! You’ll find these incorporated in my warm-ups! My coaching style is a cross between lifting weights and lifting spirits, even during my 6 a.m. class I’ll always find a way to fuse WOD’s with camaraderie and laughter.

Movements I love:

  • Box jumps, front rack lunges, sprints, ring muscle ups, echo bike

Movements I need to love more:

  • Snatches, handstand walking, double-unders