DFX Coach DFX CrossFit

Jonathan (Jon) Rasch

My Credentials/Certifications:

  • CF-L2, CrossFit Kids

About Me:
Hi!  I’ve been utilizing CrossFit as my personal form of fitness since 2017 and started coaching in 2019.  I have an athletic sports background and have always been competitive with myself.  With a busy professional schedule, CrossFit allows me to continue being competitive with myself while maintaining my overall health and wellness.  As this is a community-driven program, I’ve also found some of my best friends through CrossFit.  Last but not least, seeing others achieve goals for themselves in their health & fitness is one of the most rewarding aspects of my coaching career.

Movements I love:

  • Everything barbell and gymnastics

Movements I need to love more:

  • Anything monostructural