DFX Coach DFX CrossFit

Justin Huckaby

My Credentials/Certifications:

  • CFL1 and CFL2

About Me:
Hey there, please call me HUCK. I’ve been coaching CrossFit for over 5 years and enjoy watching athletes progress physically and mentally through the incorporation of CrossFit’s functional training programs. I began my journey with CrossFit in 2010 while training in the back of a church gym with a buddy preparing for the special forces. It wasn’t until 2014 that I began formally taking CrossFit classes and learning proper lifting and gymnastics techniques. I believe the atmosphere and coaching received from a CrossFit class are of unparalleled value to athletes, which led me to become a coach to further invest in our athletes at the gym. I train competitively for the CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals each year. I participated in Wodapalooza as an intermediate team in 2019. Always down for a competition if it fits my schedule!

Movements I love:

  • Burpees and almost anything gymnastics (muscle ups, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walking)

Movements I need to love more:

  • Pistols and any machine (Rowing, Echo Bike, and Ski Erg)