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Preparing your body for the known and the unknown is the primary purpose of CrossFit workouts. It is one of the fast-evolving stamina and strength-building programs today. Unlike conventional, specialized workout programs CrossFit does not involve simple weight lifting exercises for a specific muscle. It combines endurance training, fierce plyometrics, speed workout, Olympic and power-style weight lifting, bodyweight training, gymnastics, and stamina-building exercises.

By following this workout routine, you can target the crucial elements of physical fitness training, including cardiorespiratory health, endurance, muscular stability and strength, flexibility, energy, Speed, skillfulness, balance, coordination, and precision.

Regular CrossFitters are familiar with all the benchmark workouts. They are generally the ones that are most effective and leave you feeling exhausted, elated, and powerful all at the same time. One such CrossFit WOD was formulated by Angie, which debuted in 2005. It is one of the training benchmarks that many athletes follow to scale growth, progress, stability gains, and overall fitness levels. Angie workout of the day (WOD) is part of the “women” series that requires you to accomplish the four extensive bodyweight exercises.

How to do the Angie WOD?

The Angie Workout Of the Day is one of the unique CrossFit Girl WODs. Angie is a Crossfit benchmark WOD employed to evaluate an athlete’s advancement over time.

There are four essential bodyweight exercises – pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats – that, when done together, make up the popular Angie WOD. It’s relatively simple and suitable for beginners. However, it is a severe metabolic challenge, with only trained and competent CrossFit athletes who can finish the workout in 10 minutes.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Make sure you have all the equipment with you that is needed to conduct the workout. You would need:

  • a timer
  • pull-up bar
  • mat for the sit-ups.

Before starting the routine, do a quick warm-up, including exercises such as leg kicks, shoulder hugs, lunges, knee jumps, etc.

After a quick warm-up, begin with 100 pull-ups. You can do it any way you like, either five sets of 20, or ten sets of 10, or four sets of 25; the choice is yours. It allows you to take a quick break between each “mini-set” to grab your breath and prepare for the next movement so you can quickly complete the entire 100 pull-ups reps. Not only can you modify your repetitions, but you can also modify the exercise the way you like. You can do a straight pull-up exercise or a modified butterfly pull-up.

Now take some rest and quickly get ready to Perform the next set of 100 push-ups. For this,

  1. Lie facedown on the floor mat with your arms about three inches wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Now lift yourself into a push-up stance.
  3. Broaden your arms and then drop your body until your chest reaches the ground and repeat it 100 times.
  4. You can take a mini-break after every five sets of 20 or ten sets of 10. The choice is yours.

For the next exercise, you need to complete 100 sit-ups. Many CrossFit boxers use an abmat to do sit-ups. An abmat is a curved foam exercise mat that is placed under your back. For this,

  1. Place the abmat on the floor and sit down.
  2. Now place the bottom of your feet together so they are touching each other.
  3. Both your knees should be pointing out to the sides. Make sure the abmat is behind your lower back and gently lie back.
  4. Your hands should touch the floor.
  5. Engage your abdominal muscles and raise your torso into the sitting position.
  6. Repeat the movement until you touch your hands to your feet.

After successfully performing all three exercises, brace yourself for the last and final exercise with 100 bodyweight/air squats. For this,

  1. First, gently stand up with your feet hip-width apart from each other and toes pointed slightly out.
  2. Try to keep your chest up and simultaneously bend your knees in a squat position as if you are trying to sit in a chair.
  3. Now raise your hands out in front of you and gently squat down.
  4. Take a long deep breath and exhale as you straighten your legs and squeeze your glutes to come up to the starting position.
  5. Slowly lower your arms to the sides. And repeat it 100 times.

Make sure to complete all 100 reps of an exercise before moving to the next activity. Stop the timer each time and carefully record your time. It is best to keep yourself Hydrated while performing the workout.

Angie WOD average times/times to beat (men and women)

It is not easy to complete the Angie Crossfit in 10 minutes; only the elite CrossFit trainers (men and women) can do that. The best time to beat Angie’s workout is 18:06, and you must consider measuring if you know that you can’t complete it sooner than 28:00.

Angie WOD tips for faster time

Finishing the workout under 20 minutes needs regular training and persistence; it is not an easy task as there are 100 repetitions of each exercise. Here we have mentioned some of the essential tips for a faster time.

Perform each activity at your Speed. It is an endurance workout, so don’t exhaust yourself out.
Break up each rep strategically and take mini breaks after each set.
Measure your progress sensibly. You can always start off doing the whole exercise and then measure down during the WOD.

Angie WOD warm-ups

Warm-up is essential for any workout routine if you want to train hard and boost your performance, especially in CrossFit. An athlete fulfills any combination of weight lifting, skipping, running, and gymnastics movements. Your warm-up is the best way to maximize your body’s potential to accomplish these movements. Besides, It is also a beneficial way of reducing your danger of injury while performing vigorous exercises.

Here are some basic examples of warm-up exercises to get you started:

  • Running
  • Rowing
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Skipping rope
  • Performing Overhead squats and air squats
  • Performing Walking lunges or side lunges
  • Performing Glutes deadlifts and hamstrings deadlifts


That is all when it comes to CrossFit Angie WOD. In this article, we tried to cover every aspect of the famous Crossfit workout routine that will help you boost your stamina and help improve your overall strength and durability. Hopefully, the information mentioned above will help you and motivate you to get started with the workout.

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