How To Do CrossFit Box Jumps For  Beginners

Crossfit box jump

Some athletes are able to land atop heaps of boxes towering over 50-inches high. It’s the kind of action meant to impress and motivate other exercisers to move; however, it’s essential to note that CrossFit box jumps beginner is a more progressive workout that should be tried with some caution, especially if you are a beginner. 

We will discuss and show you everything you need to know about CrossFit Box Jumps if you are a beginner: How to do It, associated benefits, and the common mistakes to look out for. 

So Let’s get started!

How To Do CrossFit Box Jumps beginner 

There are two methods to approach CrossFit box jumps, emphasizing power or a focus on conditioning: 

  • If you wish to improve your explosiveness, begin with 3 to 4 sets of 5 reps with a few minutes rest between each set.
  • If building strength and stamina is your goal, start with a lower box. Aim 3 sets of up to 20 reps, with not more than 1 minute of rest in between each set

As a beginner, we would advise you to choose a box on the shorter side until you get the hang of it. 

  • For beginners, about 5 foot 4 inches tall, we suggest a 14- or 16-inch box. 
  • For beginners who are 5 foot 9 inches tall or above must use a 16- or 20-inch box.

Steps To Perform CrossFit Box Jumps Beginner:

  • Stand in front of the box with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Now, bend your knees a bit and drop down, drawing your arms out behind you.
  • Use the momentum from your quarter squat to push you upward as you hop onto the box, enabling your arms to swing out in front of you.
  • Now, land gently on both feet with a slight bend in the knees.
  • Great! Now repeat the steps as many times as you wish.

Crossfit box jump instructions

What Are The Benefits Of CrossFit Box Jumps Beginner

You’ll notice quite a few advantages when you integrate CrossFit box jumps into your daily routine, such as: 

  • Crossfit Box jumps target all your lower body muscles, comprising your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves, to boost strength and endurance. 
  • One of the enormous advantages of CrossFit box jumps is their inclined application to strengthen sports performance. Most Athletes from just about any sport or activity (basketball, football, and volleyball are just a few examples) have observed enhanced athletic performance with the adequate application of CrossFit box jumps.
  • Finally, CrossFit box jumps beginner enables you to work on vertical jump height. When performing a CrossFit box jump, you’re working on jumping as high as you can with your knees and hips slightly bent—a posture that helps strengthen your bones and joints. 

Common Mistakes Made by CrossFit Box Jump Beginners

Crossfit box jumps are only effective when performed adequately. To take full advantage, avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Selecting a box that’s too high for you can result in a severe injury, if not selected correctly according to your height. 
  • If it is not performed appropriately, you’ll land in a wide squat instead of a quarter squat posture, which is not appropriate for the CrossFit box jump beginner
  • If you by mistake jump off the box it will increase your risk of injury.


CrossFit box jumps for beginners are a beneficial addition to your workout routine if you want to achieve high flexibility, strength, or more stamina. With proper form and the right strategy, you can get exceptional results. So pull your box, ready your feet, and hop in! However, If you’re a beginner or have any pains and injuries, you must consult your doctor or a professional trainer before incorporating CrossFit box jumps into your workout routine. Visit DFX CrossFit of Raleigh for more information and tips about CrossFit training. We offer personal coaching as well as membership to our training facility

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