CrossFit Gym vs. Normal Gym

Crossfit gym vs. normal gym what is the difference?

Are you tired of your current gym or just moved to the area and are looking for the perfect
CrossFit gym. Look no further; DFX provides the best CrossFit classes and open-floor workspace
for all your workout needs. Whether you have never taken a CrossFit class before or are an
experienced CrossFit enthusiast, DFX offers many courses from beginner to advanced that can
be modified to your needs. If you are new to CrossFit, please read below to learn the practice
differs from a regular workout at a standard gym.

What is a CrossFit gym?

CrossFit training is a relatively new concept. In 1996, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai invented
a workout they called CrossFit. The pair opened their gym in Santa Cruz, California, and a
second location in Seattle, Washington. In 2005, the brand had 13 gyms in the U.S., and by 2016
the number increased to over 13,000.

A CrossFit gym, typically called a box, incorporates multiple exercise disciplines in a
conditioning, strength and overall fitness program. The gym equipment ranges from barbells,
dumbbells, rope climbs, and pull-up bars to gymnastics rings. Many exercises also incorporate
jump roping, kettlebells, resistance bands and rowing machines. Most of the movements
combined aerobics with calisthenic and Olympic weightlifting. Like most workout classes, a
typical CrossFit class is an hour and starts with a warm-up and high-intensity workouts. The
course finishes together by stretching. The practice can be comparable to aspects of circuit

What is the difference between a CrossFit gym and a regular gym?

The main difference between a CrossFit gym and a normal is the layout. CrossFit gyms call
themselves boxes because the gym consists of a large square room without workout machines.
The room has cement walls and the bare minimum equipment to complete the high-intense
workout. The spacious room gives each person enough space to perform multiple energetic
exercises. Like a yoga class, each CrossFit class is entirely different from the last; however, it
still models CrossFit's key disciplines' workouts. CrossFit also embraces social aspects, meaning
most people at the gym will know your name after a couple of classes. Each CrossFit gym has a
coach included leading the group's workout. CrossFit does not include TVs on the or multi-use
machines in addition to the less amount of equipment. The results are a more fun and engaging
exercise experience than the average gym workout.

Join DFX CrossFit in Raleigh, NC

It is never too late to invest in your exercise health. CrossFit is not only a rewarding practice, but
it is a social one as well. Most of our clients become friends with other CrossFit member after a
few short classes. Check out our website and class schedule to sign up for your next CrossFit
class. Most CrossFit fans like the workout style better than a traditional gym workout because it
provides full-body training while targeting specific areas depending on the course. If you are
hesitant about becoming a member, sign up for one of our Foundation Class, where you can learn
any CrossFit class basics.