CrossFit Training for Runners

long distance runners

CrossFit can be a great way to improve many aspects of a running athlete. CrossFit can help increase strength, power, stamina, and resilience for all types of athletes. Improving all of these attributes can help you become a better runner, whether you do long-distance running or high intensity, short distance running. At DFX CrossFit, we can help you achieve your potential for long-distance running.

Training for high intensity running

If you are competing in an event such as a sprint, CrossFit can greatly improve your personal record times. Improving your leg strength can help your performance and allow you to make quick and powerful strides. When performing CrossFit workouts, you will be prescribed a workout based on what you would like to train. If you are trying to improve your short-distance running, this may involve heavy squats and box jumps. If you are trying to improve your long-distance running, you will have to perform exercises that have a longer duration to increase your endurance.

Training for Endurance

When you are training to improve your long-distance running times the key is to increase your level of endurance. Anybody can run fast for a few seconds. The difficult part is keeping your pace for several miles. When you are training for endurance using CrossFit, you will have to push yourself harder than you ever have before to make progress. When you are pushed slightly past your comfort level, this is when you grow and improve. If you are not consistently challenging yourself to get better and better, how can you expect to advance? 

Strength training for Cross Country

Although long-distance runners do not look as muscular as the athletes of other sports, they still require a lot of leg strength. When you are running long distances, your legs will start to wear out if you do not have the strength needed to carry on. Having strong leg muscles will help you take long strides and keep up a fast pace throughout the duration of your run. CrossFit training is a great way to get your legs in the best shape they can be for running cross country.

DFX CrossFit

At DFX CrossFit, we can train any level athlete successfully. Whether you are a complete beginner at the sport or if you are an advanced runner, our facility and training can help you improve your game. Contact DFX CrossFit today to learn more information about how you can train with us on a regular basis and start improving your running times.