Best Bodyweight CrossFit WOD for Beginners to Try at Home

DFX Crossfit athletes performing planks for Crossfit WOD

What is a CrossFit WOD?


One of the acronyms you will probably see most often will be CrossFit WOD. WOD stands for “Workout of the Day” and is the core of any good CrossFit routine. A CrossFit WOD is a list of exercises ranging in intensity and difficulty. Each exercise item on a WOD must be completed a certain number of times or within a specified time period.  Some exercise examples would be:


  • 10 Burpees
  • 15 push-ups
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 1-mile run


There are tons of different WODs to be discovered, and you can find the ones that cater to your current skill level. If you don’t like anything that you find, try mixing and matching exercises to make your own. There are tons of CrossFit WODs to choose from. Getting in the routine of completing a CrossFit WOD every day is a good habit to form. Consistency is the key to making a change in your lifestyle, and that is the goal of a CrossFit WOD. As soon as you get into the habit of doing a daily workout, come train with us at DFX Crossfit in the Raleigh/Durham area.


Those experienced with CrossFit have probably heard terms being used by the community and have come to understand and use them for themselves. For beginners, it may take a minute to catch onto some phrases, but don’t worry, they’re not too difficult to memorize. 


Workout Terms for CrossFit WODs


Like we said earlier, there are quite a few terms you should become familiar with if you are getting into the Crossfit game. When you are looking at the exercises of a CrossFit WOD, there will be instruction for how often the exercise is to be performed. The meaning of these acronyms are fairly self-explanatory but can take a while to commit to memory. Let’s just start with a few basic terms you might see on a WOD.


  • EMOM

“Every Minute On the Minute.” In this type of CrossFit WOD, your goal is to start a new exercise or set at the start of a new minute. This type of WOD will help you build endurance as it is made to shorten your period of rest.



“As Many Rounds As Possible.” This type of WOD is meant to push you to your limits and improve by beating your previous times. With an AMRAP, there will be a given amount of time that you are to complete as many rounds of the WOD as possible. You should complete every exercise on the WOD, start over when you finish, and repeat the process until your time has expired.


  • RFT

“Rounds For Time.” If you want a CrossFit WOD to improve your overall performance, pick an RFT. This type of WOD requires you to time yourself as you complete rounds. An RFT will usually have a number of rounds you are to complete as fast as possible. While racing against the clock, you can really push yourself to improve every time you start the stopwatch. 

CrossFit woman athlete doing air squats to warm up for Crossfit WOD

CrossFit WOD to Try at Home


Usually, when you think of CrossFit, there are heavy weights and gym equipment involved, right? Although there are plenty of WODs that involve lifting barbells and kettlebells, there are just as many that you can do in the comfort of your home, with no equipment required.

We have compiled a list of CrossFit WODs that can be completed without the use of any equipment other than your own bodyweight. This list is formatted in a way you can copy and paste a CrossFit WOD straight into the notes of your smartphone. Doing this will hopefully motivate you to start training today.




  • AMRAP 20 min
  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Pushup
  • 15 Air squat

Super Legs

  • 5 RFT
  • 20 Air squats
  • 20 Alternating lunges
  • 20 Alternating split squat jumps
  • 10 Squat jumps


  • 1 RFT
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 100 Push-ups
  • 100 Sit-ups
  • 100 Air squats


  • 10 RFT
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Air Squat
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Sit-ups
  • Time cap: 30 min


  • 20 min EMOM
  • 4 Burpees
  • 6 Air squats
  • 8 Sit-ups


  • 50 RFT
  • 1 Burpee
  • 1 Push-up
  • 1 Jumping jack
  • 1 Sit-up
  • 1 Handstand


Other Ways to get new CrossFit WODs


There are thousands of WODs to choose from that can be found online. Here are a few ways that you can get started with your daily workouts:


  • Find CrossFit WODs online
  • Download a CrossFit WOD app
  • Create your own WOD


There are plenty of pages online that can help you find a CrossFit WOD. Just find the exercises that you are capable of doing and go for it! Even if you are unsure of how to do an exercise in a CrossFit WOD, you can find plenty of examples of the exercise being performed online.


Another way to get into the routine of CrossFit exercise is to download an app and find a good CrossFit WOD. We recommend using the SugarWOD app to find new exercises every day.

The final way to get CrossFit WODs is to come up with your own. If you like doing certain exercises, compile them into a list and come up with a custom WOD. You can get inspiration from exercises you find online and through the CrossFit WOD app of your choice. There is no specific way that these exercises need to be put together to see results, so pick the ones you enjoy and do them together. Being dragged through an exercise you don’t like is a very fast way to get demotivated and ultimately quit.


The Goal of a CrossFit WOD


CrossFit gives us an outlet made to unleash the potential of our body’s health, but it is not always an easy task. With CrossFit, as well as anything you want to achieve in life, you have to be consistent to have success. Consistency is the key to making CrossFit WODs work. If you want to see results in your hard work and effort, you must push yourself to find a routine and STICK WITH IT! 

DFX Crossfit performing front squats for Crossfit WOD

These things are called a CrossFit “Workout of the Day” for a reason, that is to remind you that they need to be done daily. Set the small goal of completing one WOD and see how you feel afterward. If you complete a CrossFit WOD once, you’re already on the right track for success. Visit our page on how to design your own CrossFit diet to complement your workouts and bring your progress to the next level. The next step is to stay consistent and persevere, then you will succeed.