Do You Lose Muscle When Cutting for Summer?

As the season comes around, we all want to have that perfect summer body, and everyone prefers cutting over bulking. But what about the change in muscle mass in our bodies, and how does it get affected.

What is Cutting and how it affects Muscle Mass?

Cutting is simply about dropping your fat percentage in the body by sticking to a strict diet and workout. This results in your muscles being more visible on the outside. The alteration between cutting and a regular diet is that by just following a normal diet every day, you will start losing muscle mass over time. Cutting, on the other hand, refers to when you alter your diet in such a way that the mass muscle reduction is the least.

Tips on Cutting without Losing Muscle Mass!

While searching for methods to get more cutting without losing very little or no muscle, you can follow these tips:

  • Progress slowly with your cutting routine, and don’t fuss about each calorie your intake.
  • Do not overindulge in cardio training and rather focus on weight training and diet control.
  • Consider doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which is helpful in getting a lean body.
  • Do not go for an extreme calorie deficit and eat the necessary nutrients on a daily basis.

The Problem with Bulking and Cutting Cycles!

While everyone thinks it works well in this way, the implementation by use of a dedicated bodybuilding routine often tends to not be as effective.

Bodybuilders will trail extremely severe diets while they are in the process of bulking or cutting. This means that when they reach their goals, the percentage of fat on their body is very less and they are basically adding the finishing touches on their well-built body. Almost every day lifters, weight lifters will not be s strict on the other hand.

I’m sure we have all heard someone in our lives say “I’m bulking” to give an excuse for their poor diet. Bulking doesn’t mean that you go and overindulge in harmful calories as it is not good for the person’s health in the long run. Be it cutting or bulking, and it should be followed by a healthy diet.

For How Long Do I Need to Cut to Reach My Goals?

As you will with any luck have understood by now, there is not a definite answer to this question as everyone’s bodies are different, and it takes different times to show results.
If you want a body that has clear-cutting with visible muscle, that means you want extreme cutting, and depending on your body weight and muscle mass at the moment, you will take the required time to reach there.

When Should You Start Cutting for Summer?

All being well, this is how much longer by an estimation you need to dedicate to your body to get that cutting done in summers, without losing any or minimum muscle:

  • 6-8 weeks for a shortcut
  • 12-16 weeks for a medium cut
  • Five months + for a long cut.

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