How much does CrossFit cost in Raleigh, NC

how much do crossfit classes cost in Raleigh?

Whether you made a New Year resolution to work out more or are simply tired of your current
workout plan, DFX CrossFit offers fun and challenging workouts for everyone. Don’t worry if
you are new to CrossFit or have never taken a class. We offer several Foundation classes each
week that’ll introduce you to the exercise at the right pace for you. Maybe you aren’t into
exercise classes; that’s no problem. Our memberships offer both classes and an open gym. The
DFX open floor space provides the room you need to complete your exercise while socially
distancing. Check out our North Raleigh location to learn more.

How much does a CrossFit gym membership cost?

Unlike most gyms and CrossFit facilities, DFX offers a wide range of discounts for members
with a free foundations class. Our unlimited classes plan starts at a three-month commitment for
$190 a month. This package includes 25% off for one month. Our other packages include a six-
month membership for $170 a month and 12-month membership for $150 a month. Both of these
packages offer great deals. The 6-month membership comes with one month discounted at $75,
and the 12-month membership is by far our best value with a free month.
We also have affordable family plans. All of our packages have the option of adding a family
member for $100. At DFX, we also offer military, first responder and student discounts, making
our memberships highly affordable. Give us a call today to learn more about our special deals.

How much do CrossFit classes cost?

Most clients want to try classes before committing to a full-time membership. DFX offers
affordable options and personal training sessions. Our foundations class cost $49. According to
studies, the CrossFit classes average a week is $154, meaning our rates lower than most gyms.
Personal training is also an excellent option for those who are not interested n a membership or
attending classes but wanting to see the benefits of a disciplined workout. Most gyms average
around $75 per hour for a personal trainer, but our rates are $70 per hour. This option is also an
excellent choice for those intimidated by the thought of learning new techniques in a class

Join DFX CrossFit in Raleigh, NC

It is never too late to start your fitness journey. Please, join us at DFX CrossFit and experience
the health benefits of our classes that are guaranteed to give you excellent results. Not only are
our classes more affordable than most CrossFit gyms, but our team of exercise professionals also
goes the extra mile to make sure your workouts are safe and effective. If you do not want to
commit to full membership, we recommend taking a couple of our CrossFit classes. When you
decide to join a membership, our different packages accommodate your price range and
commitment preference.