What Weight Medicine Ball Should You Use?

Have you recently decided on working out with medicine balls? If yes, then it’s undoubtedly a healthy decision and fun too. Nowadays everyone is trying new training methods with a medicine ball as it is on-trend.

Now, the first question that might come up in your mind while choosing a medicine ball is that” What weight medicine ball should I go for?” So this article will help you in selecting the perfect weight medicine ball.

What is a medicine ball is and how does it work?

Medicine balls can be the best enhancement to your exercise routine. Medicine balls can be used for creative training, balance, and weight training, along with plyometrics and slams. If this is the first time you are about to use medicine balls, it is necessary to note down the precautions.

Exercise done wrong will not do any good to your body; instead, it serves you immense pain and difficulty. Medicine balls can be helpful to a point if they are used correctly. It helps gain back strength, strengthens joints and muscles, and keeps your body fit overall. But only using a medicine ball won’t help. You need to have an excellent balanced exercise cycle and diet, and to specifically use the medicine ball, you must be flexible enough for twisting, bending, and jumping.

What weight medicine ball should you choose?

The goal of medicine ball exercise is power and flexibility. Experts generally recommend 3–5 sets of 2–3 reps with rests of 2–3 minutes for exercises with the medicine ball. In the beginning, the ball may seem heavy and stressful, thus choosing the ideal weight for the ball is needed. The weight of the ball must be at par with your body weight.

For a normal-sized man, the ball’s weight must go up to 10 pounds, and for a normal-sized woman, the weight of the ball must be 8 pounds. Still, the human body is entirely subjective clinical help while choosing the ball’s weight is recommended. The ball must not be too heavy or too light for the person using it. This way, it would provide the perfect resistance to cover the required exercises.

Specifically for ab training, the ball should be used just for load, and the rest of the ab training exercises must be done with suggested equipment. For only cardio-based training, it is recommended to do 3-5 sets of slams for 30 seconds straight. You must take rest adequately in between exercise sets to fully reach your potential and best outcome.

The material does not matter for ab training with a medicine ball as the ball would not undergo friction or movement. Whereas, if you want to slam the ball against the ground or on walls, durability matters a lot. Then an excellent durable material of the ball matters the most.

Medicine balls are available in the different  sizes like;4lbs,6lbs,8lbs,10lbs,12lbs,14lbs,16 lbs,18lbs,20lbs,25lbs.

Tips to Keep in mind while using medicine balls

Before starting your workout, you must let an expert review it first. This is important because Medicine ball training can be effective both negatively and positively. So, reviewing the exercise regime is highly important.

Every medicine ball is made depending upon the exercises that are to be performed over them. So the texture, durability, and material matter a lot.
Picking real exercises is essential. A lot of problems arise when goals are unreal. Trying new exercises is fun, but doing it wrong may lead to a lot of physical health problems.

Lastly, you should regularly check the condition of the medicine ball you are using to avoid accidents. Many times medicine balls burst in between exercises, and that may lead to sudden injuries. To prevent these things choosing and buying a good quality medicine ball is recommended, along with proper scrutinization of the medicine ball.

Top 5 Medicine balls To Choose

SPRI Bounceable Medicine Ball

This ball is available for 8, 10, 12 pounds. It has a dimpled surface for better grip. It is made with high-quality rubber making it durable and bouncy. It includes a manual for exercises and has an official app from where the user can find a variety of exercises.

Amazon Basics Ball

This ball nearly weighs like a gallon of water or milk. It is grippy and is has a textured exterior. It is pretty bounceable and is highly durable. The weight is less than 2 pounds, so throwing it is unusually easy. It also comes in different colors so the consumer can pick their favorite color.

Yes4All Medicine Ball

This medicine ball is especially for beginners. It specifically comes in smaller sizes. This medicine ball can easily fit in your palm. The exterior material is soft, and the ball is filled with loose sand. It is exceptionally inexpensive and won’t pinch your pocket.

CanDuo Dual Handle Medicine Ball

This ball is available in multiple weights and has dual handles for better grip. It is anti-slip, and handstands and core targeting exercises can be done easily.

Modest Vintage Medicine Ball

Modest Vintage Retro Heritage Leather medicine ball is a luxurious and classy medicine ball. The material is 100% leather. This ball comes in 4lbs, 8lbs, 12lbs,16lbs, and 20lbs. This ball may be in the higher price range because of its exterior and looks. But it is highly durable and worth the money.

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